Company History

Abraham Contracting, Inc. is a professional, wildland fire fighting contractor. We supply the Oregon Department of Forestry, US Forest Service, BLM, as well as the National Park Service with contract crews, engines and chippers. These resources are used in the active suppression of wildfires throughout the United States. Abraham Contracting’s personnel records undergo thorough inspections by the agencies listed above as well as the fire fighting association that we belong to. Our employees undergo annual and advanced training, which specifically relates to the urban communities. Abraham Contracting has been involved in wildfires for 23 years and has seen a lot of changes during that time. A significant change has been within the rural communities. Sprawling homes have now become large communities built in and around wildland fuels. In essence, the homes we live in have become an additional fuel type.

We at Abraham Contracting would like to reduce your exposure to the start and spread of wildland fires on, in and around your property. As a certified wildland fire contractor, we are better equipped to assess your property and bring it into compliance.

It is our goal as a company to partner with the various agencies that are responsible for the protection of your property as well as the Rogue Valley.

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