SB-360 and Grant Information

The Oregon Forestland-Urban Interface Fire Protection Act of 1997 (SB 360) was created to reduce the risk of fires on private properties, making the job of fire fighters safer and more effective.

What do I need to do to become compliant?

The majority of ground cover must be fire-resistant or consist of non-flammable plants and materials.

Dry grass must be trimmed to a height of four inches or less.

Grass cuttings, needles, leaves and twigs may not create an environment where fire will spread quickly.

Isolated shrubbery, native trees, and other plants must be maintained in green condition, free of dead plant material and ladder fuel and located to discourage fire from spreading to nearby vegetation.

How do I get my property certified?

Once you have met the SB 360 requirements, you will be able to certify your property by filling out the correct form and mailing it to the Oregon Department of Forestry (visit your county’s Website for more information).

You may also seek professional assistance from an accredited assessor. There are three types of accredited assessors. One is a private contractor who must be licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board or with the Landscape Contractors Board, have two years of wildland fire suppression or fire prevention experience, and hold a letter of accreditation from the local Department of Forestry district forester. The second type of accredited assessor is an employee of a structural fire district. The third type is an employee of, or contractor for, a home owners or property owners association.

We strongly recommend that you seek the assistance of certified professionals who understand wildfires and are experienced in wildland firefighting.

How much will this cost?

While every property will differ in cost, some areas offer grants to assist with the expenses of becoming compliant with the SB 360 (call the numbers below for more information.)

Abraham Contracting offers high quality services at cost-effective prices. After we help you bring your property up to Oregon’s standards, you will be able to rest assured without worrying about excessive fines. Because we are a group of certified, wildland firefighters, we know what it takes to keep your home safe from wildfires. We will go above and beyond the competition to ensure that your needs are met. Please see our Services Page or give us a call at (541) 479-0554 to see how we can help you protect your home and property.

For more information about the SB-360 please feel free to visit ODF's SB-360 page.

Grant Information:

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) has received federal grants that are available to assist property owners with SB 360 compliance. For more information please call:

Jackson County
Brian Ballou
Oregon Dept. of Forestry
(541) 665-0662
Josephine County
Kyle Holcombe
Oregon Dept. of Forestry
(541) 471-3875
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     Mike Jones does an excellent job of keeping in communication and providing service over and above what might be expected. This office has participated in the inspection of his crew records which are kept in exceptionally good order. Mike makes it his business to understand what is expected of himself and his people on every level, so everything will be in full compliance.
     We look forward to working with Mike Jones and Abraham Contracting and seeing what the future holds for this great company."
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