Brush Clearing and Fuel Reduction

As you consider the improvements that you will be doing around your home this year, please keep in mind that brush clearing and fuel reduction are essential to property maintenance. Not only does it keep your land healthier, but brush clearing also plays a key role in wildfire prevention. With the SB 360 and impending fines now in effect, preparing your land to meet with state requirements is more important than ever.

Here at Abraham Contracting, we provide our customers with effective and reasonably priced solutions to fit all of your brush removal needs.

We have a fast, efficient crew and all the equipment necessary at our disposal to cut, clear and remove brush from all types of land. Abraham Contracting has been highly effective in reducing the threat of wildfires in Southern Oregon and surrounding areas by reducing hazardous fuels on volatile properties. Not only is our crew qualified in those reductions, they are also trained, firefighting professionals with the skills needed to address all aspects of fire reduction and prevention.

Summer fires have been a large threat on the west coast due to hot, dry summers. Addressing wildfire problems during the cooler months will help you rest easy knowing you've done all you can to minimize your risk of destruction to your property, buildings and family.

Grants have been established to assist property owners with projects such as thinning, pruning, piling, burning, chipping, and/or mulching in areas where hazardous fuel conditions are present. You can find more information under SB 360 and Grant Information.

Below are a few examples of what we do:


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